The Candy Carnival Arrives!

Calling all ghosties, candy-lovers, and thrill-seekers alike! The Candy Carnival has come to town and it's time to get spooky!

The Candy Carnival Arrives!

Welcome to Hideaway's first seasonal overlay!

We've been a little quiet since our Open Beta launch just over a month ago. While the team has been busy fixing bugs and working on improvements, we've also been preparing to launch an update like you've never seen before in Minecraft! Halloween is a favorite holiday for many of us here on the Hideaway team and we're really proud of this massive seasonal overlay. We hope you love it as much as we do! 🎃

Residents of Hideaway have reported sightings of a large creature with long spindly legs crawling between the trees of our lush island jungles...

Akamu was walking to the bonfire on a cool, quiet night and noticed the trees bending from the weight of what appeared to be a giant arachnid, slowly and steadily crawling its way towards The Treehouse Village. Safe to say Akamu hasn't left their Room since (not that that's abnormal behavior for Akamu).

On his way home from a late night "Fisherman's Wellness and the Importance of Omega 3 Oils" seminar, Bill Beaks also spotted the crawler as it drew closer to the Treehouse Village. Just as Hoo, Bill's wife, stepped outside to greet him, he raised his harpoon high, HIGH above his head and shouted, "You there! Crawler! Make yourself known, you've been frightening the locals!"

Very slowly, a large tarantula donning a carnival jester's costume revealed itself from within the trees. Bill had to admit he was a little intimidated. And by a little, we mean he screamed and jumped into Hoo's loving arms.

"Howdy there, pelican! It's me! Cobbes The Halloweaver. It's good to see you again. I'm here on account of it being the month of the Candy Carnival!"

Bill was relieved (and a little faint after such an ordeal) to discover a friendly-faced old friend. He and Hoo escorted Cobbes home for some fresh baked treats and to discuss plans for the spooky season. The longtime friends, with Uncle's invitation, drew up plans to bring the festivities of the Candy Carnival to the island... and that's exactly what they've done.

Hoo Beaks (who, for many reasons, will be known as Boo Beaks for the duration of spooky month) has worked with Cobbes The Halloweaver and the residents of Hideaway to bring you...


The Candy Carnival arrives on Hideaway!

The Pool, Resort Building, Marketplace Pier, Astral Auditorium, Treehouse Village, and surrounding areas have been fully redecorated for Halloween!

And with the Candy Carnival comes a variety of new Island Activities and things to do on Hideaway. Read on to find out how you can make the most of the Candy Carnival festivities!

All-New Candy Carnival Island Activities

Trick or Treat with Hoo Beaks!

Hoo Beaks and Cobbes The Halloweaver invite you to The Treehouse Village for a night of Trick or Treating! This Activity happens in the evenings but not every night - sometimes Hoo Beaks needs a night off!

When you see the "Trick or Treat" Activity notification pop up, join by pressing your offhand key and you will be teleported straight to The Treehouse Village. If you miss the notification, open the Explore App in your PALM Plate and you can teleport straight to the location with ease!

If you miss a notification, open your PALM Plate and teleport via the Explore App!

Visit each house in the village and punch to knock on the door. You will be met with a delightful treat or devilish trick! The residents of The Treehouse Village are playful but often cheeky! Collect their Trick or Treat Candy Badges - there are nine unique Badges to collect and display on your Player Profile Card!

Knock on each door to be greeted by a neighbor and receive a Trick or a Treat!

Trick or Treat Candy Badges can be exchanged for Halloween Mystery Crates, which contain exclusive spooky cosmetics and furniture! Take your Candy Badges to Cobbes The Halloweaver at The Treehouse Village and trade nine pieces of candy for a Crate. Each Halloween Mystery Crate will reward you with three exclusive items!

Cobbes The Halloweaver loves candy! Bring him some to get a Halloween Mystery Crate!

As per annual tradition, Bill and "Boo" Beaks invite you to enter their haunted home of creeps and frights! They've kitted out their treehouse as the ultimate Halloween walk-through! Do you dare enter?

Hoo and Bill Beaks invite you to visit their spooky walk-through in The Treehouse Village!

Don't forget to check out Bortiber's Ghoulish Goods, the limited-time Halloween shop, during this Activity! Bortiber has unique cosmetics, furniture, and exclusive colors!

Bortiber opens his limited-time Halloween shop during Trick or Treat with Hoo Beaks

Parkour Funhouse Race!

Cobbes' Candy Carnival Funhouse has rolled up! Race other players through a series of wacky rooms and puzzling hallways. First to the end is the winner! But look out! You can boop other players and they can boop you back... so don't fall in the water! Think you've got what it takes?

Run, jump, and boop your way to the top of the Parkour Funhouse!

When you see the "Funhouse Race" Activity notification pop up, join by pressing your offhand key and you will be teleported straight to the big carnival funhouse!

Halloween Costume Comp at The Astral Auditorium!

It's time to put those dress-up skills to the test! Gather in The Astral Auditorium and go head-to-head with other guests to come up with the best costume and match the theme before time runs out! Contestants and nearby audience members vote for who they think is best-dressed! Will you be crowned The Candy Carnival Costume Champion?

A large carnival tent has taken over The Astral Auditorium to host the Costume Competition!

When you see the "Costume Comp" Activity notification pop up, join by pressing your offhand key and you will be teleported straight to the big carnival tent! If you'd prefer to watch the competition rather than participate, you can stroll right into The Astral Auditorium or teleport there via the Explore App in your PALM Plate!

Stroll into The Astral Auditorium to watch the Costume Competition and vote for your favorite outfits!

New Features and Secrets

Candy Carnival Rides? Oh My!

The large wooden Ghost-Coaster at Marketplace Pier and the Haunted House slow ride at the pool are open and accepting thrill-seekers to experience their spooky adventures! Do you dare?

Catch The Ghost-Coaster at Marketplace Pier!
Experience ghoulish delights in The Haunted House ride!

And that's not all - now you can build and design your own rides in your Room!

Visit Nellie Technical at The Mech Mart in Marketplace Pier and pick up some ride track pieces to build and design your own rides - all within your own Room!

Limited Time Halloween Fish

Spooky and bizarre Fish varieties have been spotted in the waters across the island! Grab a Fishing Rod from Gill's Fishing Gear at Marketplace Pier and see what you're able to hook! These Fish are only catchable for a limited time!

Discover secret spooky limited-time fish!

New Halloween Cosmetics and Furniture Items

The Wardrobe Wonder Wheel, Dr. Décor's Furniture Functionator, Tito's Trade-Up Shack, and the Octo-Gacha have been stocked with limited time Halloween items! It's time to get collecting!

The Wonder Squid has all new cosmetics and even got dressed up and decorated for the season!

Candy Carnival Exclusive Rewards

The Candy Carnival brings with it new winnable Candy Carnival Event items that are awarded simply for being on the island! These Exclusive Limited Edition items can only be won by being online during The Candy Carnival Event! Check out the rewards on login and in your PALM Plate.

A lucky person will win one of the Limited Edition Candy Carnival Prizes every ten minutes!

The Horseman's Challenge

The Headless Horseman has materialized on Hideaway and brings a daring challenge to those who are bold enough! Complete his tasks and deliver his belongings to him and you will be handsomely rewarded! Find The Headless Horseman at the pool. Type /spawn and look behind you... but don't get a fright!

All of this and more can be yours if you complete The Horseman's Challenge!

New Secrets & Features

Strange and mysterious things are occurring on the island! Keep an eye out for any suspicious activity!

New and mysterious items have been spotted around the island... what could they be?

Candy Carnival & Forgotten Animatronics Mystery Crates

Cobbes The Halloweaver will trade you Trick or Treat Candy Badges for Candy Carnival and Forgotten Animatronics Mystery Crates, which contain exclusive Hideaway Halloween items and limited-time FNAF (Forgotten Neglected Animatronic Friends) items! You can also pick up additional Halloween Mystery Crates on now!

Pick up a Halloween Mystery Crates Bundle on now!

20% OFF Store Sale & New Bundles!

If you wish to support Hideaway (as well as get your hands on more limited-time Halloween Cosmetics & Furniture items) the Hideaway Store has been refreshed with a variety of seasonal bundles and packages!

  • Spooky Rides Starter Pack
  • Candy Carnival Mystery Crates
  • Forgotten Animatronics Mystery Crates
  • Brenessa's Strawberry Dreams Furniture Bundle

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The Candy Carnival packs up on the 6th of November! This is a limited-time event!

And there you have it! We look forward to seeing you at the Candy Carnival showing off your Halloween costumes and we hope you have a spooky, exciting, and Happy Halloween 🎃

See you on the island!

The Hideaway Team