Express Yourself - Player Customization

Everyone who visits Hideaway has their own unique personality and story to tell. How you choose to put your mark on the world is up to you. Find out how to customize your character and profile - it's time to express yourself!

Express Yourself - Player Customization

It's all about YOU!

Hideaway isn’t just full of fun games and friendly new faces - it’s also a hotspot for creative self-expression! As we welcome guests from all over the world, Hideaway becomes home to a variety of styles, tastes, and cultures. Read on to learn how you can make your character and player profile look totally unique to you.

Player Profile

Customization starts at the Player Profile! Every guest on the island is given their own unique Profile Card and this is what other players can open and view to get to know you, send you Cookies, or request to be friends. There are several different elements of the Profile Card that are fully customizable - including Profile Pictures, Profile Shells, Badges, and the Player Status.

Profile Pictures put YOU in the story - sure, you're a regular vacation goer on Hideaway, but in your profile picture, who knows? Maybe you're an astronaut drifting through space, or a night owl riding the subway in the city. Your Profile Picture says a lot about who you are - so make sure to make a good first impression!

Profile Shells take the look of your Profile Card to a whole new level - forget about the days of a boring old gray GUI - it's time to add some personality! And we're not just offering new colors either - think themes, embellishments, and even entire scenes to tie into the Profile Picture you choose.

Badges are small collectibles you can use to personalize and decorate your Profile Card. Badges are not only a way to share your favorite things and personality but special Badges can be won by participating in games or completing achievements, or discovered while exploring the island.

A quick way to pick up some Profile Accessories is by visiting the Octo-Gacha and purchasing a Capsule!

Grab some Profile Accessories from the Octo-Gacha

There are hundreds of different themed, patterned, and colored Profile Pictures and Shells to collect and equip. Once you add Badges to the mix, you can create over ONE BILLION unique combinations and curate your Profile Card exactly how you want it. That’s right, we did the math! With new Profile Accessories being added frequently, there’s always new ways to customize. Limited-time Seasonal Profile Accessories mean even more combinations and the ability to show off exclusive items!

The Player Status is where you can tell people more about who you are, where you're hanging out, who your best friends are - it's your chance to share. Remember, your Player Status can be viewed on your Profile Card and when people hover over your name in chat so make it worth reading - you might get some Cookies!

Cookies are used as a reputation system across Hideaway. Give Cookies to other players and get Cookies given to you. Your Cookie total shows on your Profile Card - it’s as simple (and tasty) as that!

Update your Player Status and give Cookies... you might receive some in return!


Collecting and customizing different items and costume pieces to help you express yourself is a fundamental part of Hideaway. There are hundreds of Hats, back Trinkets, and held Items to design your ultimate vacation look. There will always be some fresh drip with every seasonal update, holiday, and event - but get in quick - Limited Edition items means there’ll be some competition and serious bling for you hardcore collectors to cop before quantities run dry, cousin!

You may be wondering, "Person writing this blog, how do we get all of these cool cosmetic items?" Well wonder no longer, let me introduce you to...

The Wardrobe Wonder Wheel

When thinking up the Wardrobe Wonder Wheel, we knew we wanted to combine a big theatrical prize wheel with a large wardrobe display. We took inspiration from the stage with grand, red curtain designs and tied them into the wooden aesthetic of a place that would hold all of your accessories.

Original concept for The Wardrobe Wonder Wheel

The character for this location was important - we needed someone that was likeable, cute, bedazzling, and fun. After reviewing some concepts, we knew we'd found our star.

Early concepts for The Wardrobe Wonder Wheel character
Detailed concept for The Wonder Squid

The Wonder Squid is here and they've brought along their whimsical Wardrobe Wonder Wheel to provide players with Hats, back Trinkets and held Items. Collect spins by purchasing them directly at the wheel or winning them from Mystery Crates and Leveling Up.

Take a spin, every spin wins!

The Wonder Squid is waiting to meet you!


Is a certain back Trinket not matching your pastel color palette? That wizard Hat not complementing your dark magic aesthetic? Need your hair to be a certain shade of green to convey your mood appropriately? Don’t stress (you’re at the wrong island for that)!

Most items on Hideaway can be recolored and we have hundreds of different colors, shades, and hues for you to work with! There’s even shiny metallics, holographic materials, and seasonal colors for you more eccentric artists.

Visit Tints ‘n Textures - Hideaway’s one-stop shop for all your color and textile needs! Puchin the monkey and the Tints ‘n Textures staff will gladly help you find the perfect colors to match your personal style. Open the Recolor Menu by talking with Puchin or directly from your PALM Plate.

Tints 'n Textures concept
Model concept details for Tints 'n Textures
Early concept for "Capuchin Monkey"
Detailed concept for Puchin

Many of the island’s residents, merchants, and sellers have their own unique shades and colors to offer so it’s important to get to know the locals and explore the island as best as you can!

The Wardrobe

The Wardrobe is the perfect place to curate your new look! Access it at The Island Emporium, in your Room, or from anywhere on the island via your PALM Plate. Easily select and equip different cosmetics and adjust their colors from your personal changing room.

Need to switch outfits in a hurry? We got you. The Wardrobe allows you to configure and save outfits for quick ease-of-use... pulling off a smooth and seamless costume change has never been easier!

A private changing room will pop up when you access the Wardrobe via your PALM Plate

More news soon...

We're hoping this wasn't too much of an information overload... can you really ever have too much content, though? The team is working hard to bring Hideaway to life very soon and we can't wait to tell you more news in the near future.

We're so excited to see how you bring the world to life with your unique creations. For now, start dreaming up who YOU want to be on Hideaway. We'll see you soon!