Merry Winter Festival from the Hideaway Team

What a year it's been! Thank you to everyone who supported Hideaway in 2023. This one's for you!

Merry Winter Festival from the Hideaway Team

Happy Holidays, Vacationers!

We'd like to take a moment to thank you all for being a part of this incredible community and joining us on this adventure as we continue to create Hideaway. It's been just over 3 months since we launched our Open Beta and it's been a wild ride so far!

Going into the new year, we're excited to start releasing new and permanent gameplay features. The Candy Carnival (and now Winter Festival) seasonal updates were a huge success for us but we understand that the core gameplay experience needs a lot more variety in what there is to explore and do on the island!

We will again be involving more of you all in the direction we take Hideaway - through upcoming community surveys and perhaps a few Team Q&As / feature requests!

Until then, read on to find out more about the making of the Winter Festival, what this update has to offer, and what's coming next for Hideaway.

Winter Lights at Marketplace Pier - Activity

For the Winter Festival, we knew we wanted to put on a show! We also knew we had to create an Activity that would be a worthy competitor to Trick or Treat with Hoo Beaks from the Candy Carnival!

We started with a variety of concept art for Marketplace Pier, which allowed us to put together concept videos with a variety of different songs that inspire us during the festive season - and used these to demonstrate the light sequence we wanted to make.

Next we put Hideaway Soundtrack Composer Maano to work on the different musical sections of the show while we got to work on building Marketplace Pier!

We also called upon one of the minds behind Imagine Fun to help us put together the entire light show's sequence! Mouskegamer is a talented creative who agreed to help us from the beginning, putting together the sequence that included the timing of the diffeent light varieties to Maano's composed musical pieces!

And sure enough, it all came together!

If you haven't already seen it - the Winter Lights at Marketplace Pier start at 8:06 PM every night on Hideaway during the Winter season! We hope to see you at the show!

Otherwise, enjoy this video made by Mouskegamer of the entire show!

Hideaway Photography Competition

Want to WIN $100 and a bunch of awesome Winter Festival prizes? All you need to do is snap a picture or make a video of the Winter Festival and share it with us on social media!

Show off your photography / cinematography skills - it could be a render, screenshot, or video of the Hideaway Winter Festival!

You must tag @playhideaway on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube!

You must include the hashtag #HideawayWinterFestival


  • Can use Shaders
  • Can be done as a group but only one person can submit and claim the prize
  • Hideaway Team Members are not eligible to enter
  • The winners will be selected by the Hideaway Admin Team and announced on January 1, 2024

1st Place Prize

  • $100 USD Nintendo eShop / Steam or cash equivalent prize
  • 6 Months of VC+
  • 1st Place Profile Badge
  • 20 Winter Festival Crates

2nd Place Prize

  • 6 Months of VC+
  • 2nd Place Profile Badge
  • 10 Winter Festival Crates

3rd Place Prize

  • 30 Days of VC+
  • 3rd Place Profile Badge
  • 5 Winter Festival Crates

Festive Community Events

Hideaway always has scheduled events for you to partake in - and the Winter Festival is no different! Join our Discord to see what Community Events are coming up and join us for some festive cheer this holiday season.

See the #events channel on Discord for more info!

If you'd like to host your own event - get in touch with one of the team or fill out the form in the #events channel on the Hideaway Discord!

Ice Breaker - Activity

The Volcano has frozen over! You and your fellow resort guests have found yourself at the top layer of the glacial mountain! Smash through the layers and use power-ups to your advantage - last one standing wins!

Falling Presents

Ever since the island froze over, Falling Presents have been dropping from the sky! If you hear bells - that means a Present might be falling overhead! These Presents contain a variety of wooden toys and festive costumes for you to collect.

Colorable Wooden Toys obtained by opening Fallen Presents

They seem to drop more frequently at the Winter Lights show at Marketplace Pier! Falling Presents aren't the only thing we've seen falling from the skies either...

Cobbes Returns!

Cobbes the Halloweaver is back! It wasn't long ago that Cobbes was visiting the island for the Candy Carnival, but it appears he's returned to celebrate the Winter magic. Find him and his collection of creepy and crispy holiday decorations by The Pool and complete his tasks for limited-time rewards in Cobbes' Creepy Candy Quest!

New Year's Eve 2024 Collection

We have an update coming this New Year's Eve that will feature a collection of limited-time collectible 2024 items! Start saving up your Coins, these items will only be available in limited-quantities and for only a few days!

Concept Models for Hideaway's 2024 New Year Update

Hideaway Store 50% OFF Sale!

We're having a 50% OFF Sale for the next few days, now is the perfect time to grab yourself some Winter Festival Mystery Crates or last-minute gifts for friends!

Click here to visit the Hideaway Store.

Winter Festival Wrap-up

There's so much more to see and do on Hideaway - and don't forget you can win limited-edition Winter Festival prizes simply by playing during the event! A random online guest is given a prize every 10 minutes!

Crocwise standing next to a Winter Festival Holiday Tree while wearing a Winter Festival Holiday Hat

There's seasonal Winter Fish to catch, new shops to visit at Marketplace Pier,  and as always The Wardrobe Wonder Wheel, The Furniture Functionator, The Octo-Gacha and Trader Tito's Trade-up Shack have all been refreshed with new Holiday-exclusive items! See what you can collect!

To wrap up this blog, please enjoy this collection of Winter Festival concept art and models made by the Hideaway Team.

Concept Art for the Seasonal Fish
Concepts for Fallen Present Gifts
Concepts for Fallen Present Gifts
Final Concept for The Snow Spirit
Early Winter Festival Hotel Overlay Concepts
Seasonal Fish
A Variety of Winter Festival Furniture Items
More Collectible Furniture Items

The Hideaway Team wishes you all a very Happy Holidays and we thank you for being a part of this incredibly special community. We look forward to seeing you all again in the new year!

Merry Winter Festival
- The Hideaway Team