Welcome to Hideaway!

Or should we say, welcome to the greatest vacation destination in the world! We may be a little biased, but can you blame us?

Welcome to Hideaway!

All of us here at Hideaway have been busy preparing for visitors and we can't wait for you to arrive. While the crew are working on getting the hotel in tip-top shape, let's take some time to learn a little more about Hideaway and some of the unique features we're building for our guests.

Hideaway is a Minecraft: Java Edition experience built to provide players with a safe outlet to meet others from all over the world in an online island resort experience. Hideaway encourages creative self-expression, a welcoming community, and a place where players can play and explore as an alternative to real-world travel.

When Uncle was a young boy, he was part of a voyage that was caught in a storm and lost at sea. The boy was left adrift in the ocean for what felt like days before finally washing up on the shores of a seemingly deserted island. Weak and afraid, the starving boy ventured into the jungle in search of food. It was there that he was greeted by a friendly old turtle. The turtle took care of him and showed the boy the island's abundance of fresh water streams, tropical fruits, and introduced him to the many other animals that call the island home. The boy grew to love the island and he dreamed that one day his friends and family could visit him. When the boy grew up, the animals helped him build a home for all who wished to visit, and named it Hideaway. The boy's family were finally able to spend time on the island and would return to their homelands with tales of the wonderful and mysterious Hideaway - with its cascading waterfalls, richly dense rainforest, dangerous peaks, and deep caves. The stories spread quickly and soon enough, more and more people wanted to visit, so much so that Uncle and the animals decided to build a resort where everyone could gather together and feel at home.

And that leads to where we are right now - everyone on the island is working hard this very minute in anticipation of meeting you!

What is there to do on Hideaway?

Room Customization

Customize your Room with unique flooring, wallpapers, furniture, and more!

Upon arrival on the island, guests will be able to check-in to their Room. A little secret about our resort: room renovations are encouraged! We want you to have your ideal vacation so we hope you feel inspired to paint your walls, choose your furniture, and decorate your personal space on the island exactly how you like it. Once the room is looking uniquely yours, invite your friends over to show off your interior design skills!

Choose from hundreds of unique interactable furniture items!

Character Customization

Guests wanting to immerse themselves in the island atmosphere can dress in their favorite vacation looks. Hideaway has a huge range of exclusive outfits, hats, and accessories to really have you feeling like a part of the family. If you're someone who likes to stand out, we offer unique costumes, themed fits, and imaginative upholstery to dress yourself however you want to express yourself!

Be whoever you want to be with unique character customization!

Resort Activities

Whether guests prefer to spend their vacations relaxing or exploring, we've got something for everyone. There's plenty of places to chill out and enjoy the serenity - hanging at the pool with friends, lounging on the beach, or grabbing a fresh fruity drink from the smoothie bar. For our action-seeking guests, the opportunities for adventure are endless! Pick up your snorkel gear from the activities shed and check out the tropical reef, hire a jetski to participate in a race around the island, have a friendly game of volleyball with other guests, or dance the night away at our resort pool party! And remember the room and character customization we mentioned earlier? We'll host themed costume competitions and room showcase contests where guests can win rewards if they're voted the island favorite! You'll never be bored when you visit Hideaway - our mission is to ensure that every guest is having their ultimate vacation.

Save the game with a sweet maneuver or hang out on the water with your friends!

This is just a small peek at some of the amazing features Hideaway has to offer. And as for Uncle? He might know the island and its many secrets better than anyone. Make sure to keep an eye out for him when you visit!

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